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Do you have mounds of data that is not structured or organized?

Are your business decision systems in Information overload?

Is the right information available for you and your customers to make the right

Empowering better business decisions requires structured data that leads to knowledge. Knowledge to solve the right problem with the right information and insights makes the "growth difference".

DKP Technologies focuses on custom implementations to add intelligence to data. Utilizing the latest data mining techniques we can provide you with only the kind of insights offered by the latest enterprise class business intelligence tools. Whether you, your team, or your customers need to make decisions, DKP can offer the solutions you need at a speed and cost effectiveness rarely offered by others.


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To empower intelligent and informed business decisions, utilizing in-depth and insightful knowledge is key to fact-based problem solving. At times, basic systems do not provide the data and knowledge required to compete during changing and challenging times. Efficient and effective customized solutions are the answer to emPowering business decisions. DKP Technologies' excels at the following services to harness the full potential of your data and knowledge:

  • Database Development and Business Intelligence
  • Custom Software Development
  • Custom Web Application Development



"DKP Technologies goes the second mile! Jon House and team solve hard problems. For example, applying Oracle's data mining and business intelligence tools to quantitative financial services investment models."

David Thomson, Managing Director

Blueprint Growth Investors, LLC